What you can do for yourself – 129

April 22, 2011 11:00
Multilingual Support Center for the Tohoku Earthquake out at Pacific Ocean
Disaster Information 129th Translation Edition

What you can do for yourself

You may often speak or act differently and feel tired or depressed in the face of disasters. Emotional ups and downs such as being in a state of shock can happen to anybody. It has nothing to do with your mental strength and is very natural for human beings. The important thing is to go easy on yourself and not to hesitate to get support from people around you.

Following are the 6 things you can do.

1. Talk about how you feel and what you think.
Don’t bottle up your worries or anger. Talk to someone you feel comfortable with.
2. Make sure you eat and sleep adequately.
Remember to maintain your physical fitness first.
3. Try to take a break and get fresh air when you remember your bad experience.
Turning the light on or exercising will help to change your mood.
4. Stop blaming yourself.
Actions to change your mood mentioned in 3 will help if you are blaming yourself badly.
5. Exercise little by little.
You may notice changes in your physical condition during exercising.
6. Consult with experts.
If you are depressed or can’t sleep well for several days, consult with a counselor or doctor.

Our path to recovery and reconstruction will start very soon. Don’t assume the burden alone. Share your feelings and thoughts with someone you feel comfortable with.

Supervisor: Peacemind J EAP, International EAP Research Center, Disaster Mental Healthcare Team
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