Volunteer activities – 132

April 25, 2011 11:00
The multilingual support center of the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific Ocean
Information of disaster No.132

Volunteer activities

 We assume some people are thinking of joining volunteer activities by using vacation. There was a message from Miyagi disaster volunteer center on Apr 20th about the volunteer activities in the Golden Week. Please see the followings and our disaster information 103th translation edition “Reminder for the Disaster volunteers”on our center homepage together.

○Avoid volunteer rush
 There have been some volunteer traffic jams in the morning and evening time in the disaster areas already. Please do not drive into the areas individually but share one car or use a bus while thinking of suitable time of the day.
○Buy a volunteer insurance
 Please make sure to buy a volunteer insurance because there is possibility of an accident during volunteer activities. The social welfare council is a contact point of a volunteer insurance. Please buy a volunteer insurance at the social welfare council (Syakai Fukushi Kyogikai) nearby before going to disaster areas.

 Also you must be careful when you send support goods. The disaster sites are still not organized and there are some local communities that do not accept support goods sent by individuals since they do not have time and effort to sort and distribute them. You need to contact your local community first to know if they are collecting support goods then you can donate the goods to them.
Or you can support disaster sites by making monetary donation rather than sending support goods. Please check our disaster information 100th translation edition on our home page that describes how to make monetary donation.

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