Reception of the Earthquake-Stricken Area’s Students – 133

April 25, 2011 11:00
The multilingual support center of the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific Ocean
Information of disaster No.133

Reception of the Earthquake-Stricken Area’s Students

Without making charges of tuition fees, twenty two universities and two junior colleges in Hyogo Prefecture will accept victims who studied in schools of the earthquake-stricken area and are unable to restart their studies.

○Applicable Students: Graduate students, undergraduate students, and junior college students of the stricken area who are unable to commute to their schools and belonging to schools, which seems to be impossible to restart their classes shortly. (foreign students included)
※Except for research students.

○Accepting period: Basically, until September 2011. However, if necessary, the studying period could be extended to maximum a year on a per-six-months basis.

○Course Credit: By following the regulations of the student’s own provisional school, the gained credits would be transferable when the student returns to his or her original school. The Hyogo-Kobe University Consortium will decide which school to attend by considering students’ original faculty and department.

○Accommodation: Dormitories ran by each school and local public housings are expected to be provided for free or in a low rent.

○Application Deadline: Until April 30th
(Since new term has already started, applications should be submitted as soon as possible.)
※If foreign student whose visa status is “University Students (Ryugaku)” left Japan without re-entry permit, their original university’s document which certificates their enrollment would be required. Additionally, this thing should be reported along with the submission of the application. Information about re-entry could be checked not only in the 106th report at our website, but also at the embassy’s website.

○How to Apply: Call the following number, or send an E-mail to
Hyogo-Kobe University Consortium (大学コンソーシアムひょうご神戸事務局)
Tel: 078-381-6187 E-mail:

※Only in Japanese.

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