For Those Who Returning to Disaster Area – 134

April 27, 2011 14:00
Multilingual Support Center for the Tohoku Earthquake out at Pacific Ocean
Disaster Information 128th Translation Edition

For Those Who Returning to Disaster Area

For those of you returning to your home in disaster area, please be careful with followings.

○Please check if the notice of Emergency Safety Evaluation (125 edition)is posted to your house or not. If you find the notice, please follow the instruction described on the notice.

There is a special exemption for utility costs, such as reduction or deferring of payment. For more details, please confirm to the utility supplier in your jurisdiction or city/ward/town/village offices.

・Electricity: Please check the damage to your house. At first, please turn off the circuit breaker, and disengage all of the plugs from outlets. Then, turn on the circuit breaker and insert the plugs into outlets.

・Gas: If you smell gas odor, open windows and shut off the main valve. Then, call to the gas company in your jurisdiction. To re-open the main valve, you might have to do so together with personnel from Gas Company. Please confirm the details and follow the direction of Gas Company.

・Water Supply: If you find tap water is dirty or no water coming out from your water tap, please call to Waterworks Department.

○Handling of Vehicles
Once your vehicle was submerged into sea water, there is a concern of short circuits of electric wires, which could lead the fire, even it is already dried. Do not turn on the engine by yourself, but ask to maintenance shop beforehand.

* Regarding a handling of submerged vehicles, please see;

○If your house is damaged and you cannot live or if your house is within the evacuation area.
If you rent the house, please contact to landlord or management company. If your house is damaged, please apply for Victim’s Certificate (Risai Shomeisho) at the city/ward/town/village office(Refer to 123rd edition)before start the maintenance. The place you can stay without charges are evacuation centers, and public housings in other prefectures (Refer to 62nd edition), or you can check it via Vacant House Information(Earthquake Homestay:, and (Matching site for earthquake victims:

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