Disaster information – 1

Tagengo Shien Center (Multi-language Support Center) Translation script No.1

Mega earthquake occurred at off shore of Tohoku area, northern Honshu, on March 11, Fri, at 14:46.

Relatively huge after quakes are still occurring.

Large scale tsunami warning is announced along pacific coast area and there are and have come ashore.

It is predicted that tsunami will arrive repeatedly.

Please escape to higher place immediately for people where large scale tsunami warning is alerted.

Do not come close to the sea and rivers.

Most of train service is not operating in Kanto and Tohoku area.

Airport such as Hanamaki, Sendai, Yamagata, Ibaragi, Narita, are closed.

Many of highways are closed as well.

Japanese government is appealing to those who face difficulty to go home in capital region, that you may have trouble to find information, food, water, toilet and etc. on the way home on foot, so it is wise to stay safer place such as your work place.

Local authorities have started to set up refuge and temporary asylum on your way home.

Please find those facility near you and do not hesitate to use them, if necessary.

It is also reported that phone service is overloaded.

Too much calls are made to Tohoku and Kanto area.

Please be aware that currently control is applied on phone call.

Public phone of NTT Higashi Nippon is free to use at the moment.

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