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March 14, 2011

NPO National Managerial Council for Multicultural Information & Assistance

Taro Tamura, Representative Director

Notice of Multilingual Information Dispatch for Foreign Victims

NPO Corporation of “National Managerial Council for Multicultural Information & Assistance” (Taro Tamura, Representative Director) established, on March 11, 2011, “The Multilingual support center for the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific ocean” for the purpose of support for foreign victims in the earthquake which occurred on the same day in order to provide multilingual information and gather information about foreign residents in the disaster area.  We newly started information sources such as through telephone and web-site indicated as follows.

It is estimated that there were more than 40,000 foreign residents and some more tourists and business people.  We hope our multilingual information dispatch will help foreign victims release even a part of their anxiety.  We would like all parties concerned to know about this.


1.Multilingual hot line operation for foreign victims in the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific ocean

Multilingual information about life in disaster areas is provided on the telephone for the time being starting on March 14.  Telephone calls are accepted from 1:00 p.m. till 8:00 p.m. every day.  Languages and telephone numbers are as follows.
Languages Telephone No.
English 080-3503-9306
Chinese 080-3691-3641
Spanish 080-3454-7764
Portuguese 080-3486-2768
※Other languages will be available as soon as ready.


2.Open website of multilingual earthquake information

We provide multilingual information regarding the earthquake on the following website.

URL: http://eqinfojp.net/

*Access the above address using PC, smart and mobile phones.(Automatic optimization of screens for each terminal)

*Accessible for free of charge(Communication charges occur for smart and mobile phones.)


PC and smart phones:English, Chinese, South & North Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog,

Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Easy Japanese

Mobile phones:English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Indonesia, Easy Japanese and Japanese


■ Inquiries to “The multilingual support center for the Touhoku Earthquake out at Pacific ocean”

Telephone No.:077-578-5939



NPO Corporation of “National Managerial Council for Multicultural Information & Assistance”

The corporation is designed to contribute to realization of the society of multicultural information and assistance, in connection with national, prefectural, municipal, village and international associations policies, as well as conduct public relations of the idea to foreign residents and Japanese nationals living in Japan.


Who are managers of multicultural information and assistance?

(Incorporated foundation) Self-governing internationalization association has been making efforts to nurture talented staff who are supposed to play an important role in multicultural information and assistance in their community, co-organizing with (Incorporated foundation) National municipal international cultural training institute , since fiscal 2006.  It organizes “Training course for managers of multicultural information and assistance” in order to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to plan specific measures on multicultural information and assistance.  There are 113 managers of multicultural information and assistance who completed the training course to be qualified at the end of fiscal 2008.  They are developing various activities nationwide.

Many of them are taking an active part as staff members of a self-governing body, an international association, NPO or NGO.

When the Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake occurred in July, 2007, a lot of managers took part inthe activities of the multilingual support center in Kashiwazaki and realized necessity formutual cooperation over a very wide area at the time of disaster.